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Voyages of Bob

2017-09-30 by Alan, tagged as wi-36

Alex owns a Heritage West Indies 36, Bob - a brother (?) ship to Loafer's Glory. Enjoy the Voyages of Bob


2017-06-18 by Alan

In Search Of..

2017-06-15 by Alan

I went to Loafer's Glory for the first time since I purchased her last Sunday.

Here are some pictures

I also need a dinghy...

34.0505464, -77.8868063

The Plan

2017-06-07 by Alan

My plan is to do this winter (2017) in North Carolina, then head to the Keys, the Bahamas, eastern Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, west along the coast to Panama, through the Canal, up the Mexican coast then a Pacific crossing.

That's about 4 years of "planning ahead".

It's done!

2017-06-04 by Alan

Today I purchased Sailing Vessel Loafer's Glory.

The Search

2017-05-20 by Alan Clegg, tagged as search

The month of May was spent flying between Raleigh and Knoxville for work. Spare time was spent searching CraigsList and a number of "Yacht Broker" websites looking for the boat that would call my name.

I visited the Concord Yacht Club in Knoxville and looked at a Sabre 28 whose listing has since been removed.

For those that are reading this and have never been aboard a sailboat, the difference in the amount of interior space available on a 27' boat and that available on a 40' boat is incredible. Remember that when a boat gets longer, the available beam (width) is also increased.

Looking for the exit

2017-04-20 by Alan, tagged as exit

I've been looking for an exit for a while.

I had originally planned to move to Roatán, Honduras, but the logistics of making that move while keeping my job turned out to be more difficult than I could overcome.

I began to look at motor yachts. With my eventual plan to sail the Eastern Caribbean, I quickly discovered that big (motor) boats drink lots of fuel and that if I actually wanted to (affordably) fulfill my dream, I would need a sailboat.

I began studying types of boats and the difficulty of sailing, the nuances of the live-aboard life and thus began my journey.