AIS Visible

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Today I was able to see Loafers Glory on the global AIS map for the first time.

AIS or (Automatic Identification System permits boats to “see” each other.1

Every boat with an AIS transmitter sends data that provides the boat’s location, direction, speed, vessel type and possibly additional information as well (including destination, cargo, etc).

When received, the data is presented to the helm (usually on a ChartPlotter), or to other electronics onboard.

With this information, it is possible for boats to avoid dangerous interactions and collisions.

There are a number of sites that collect AIS data including VessleFinder, MarineTraffic and FleetMon.

On 25-Jan-2019, I found this:

Disney Magic

If it’s working (and if I’m transmitting), you might be able to see Loafers Glory here:

There is a switch on my AIS device2 that allows me to turn off the transmitter and only receive, basically “going dark”. This is not the normal mode of operation, but will be handy in pirate infested waters.